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Developmental Approval

Planning permit approval is needed for any construction or expansion (including significant renovation), change of property use and sometimes for demolition, in some jurisdictions.


Our team at Brizzy realty solutions have experienced professionals that are here to provide full support throughout the planning permit process, working with our clients on floor plan designs according to their specific needs. We ensure that all the necessary paperwork is in order for a successful application, saving you time and effort.

Our Planning Permit service provides the necessary information needed to start any construction, expansion, change of use, or demolition project. We understand the importance of having all the required permits and approvals in place before starting any project, and we take the time to ensure that the process is smooth and efficient. Our experienced team works with our clients to create floor plan designs tailored to their specific needs. We make sure that all permits and approvals are in place so that our clients can begin their projects with confidence.

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